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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tupperware Women of Confidence for 2013 - Photos

My room for two nights

Last November 20 was the awarding of the Tupperware Women of Confidence for 2013. There were five of us, but unfortunately, two were unable to attend. Remember my post about that?  If not, you can view it here.

Anyways, here are some of the photos.  As a sidenote, we were housed by Tupperware Brands Philippines at the Holiday Inn (for an overnight stay).  Venue for the awarding was the Oz Bar at the Holiday Inn Makati. The three of us didn't know that the awarding ceremony was for that day. (I didn't properly read their email for me).  We thought we were attending the workshop. I arrived at lunch with my bags, thinking that we were just having lunch and when I got there, everybody was dressed - except the three awardees. Oh well!
The staff of Tupperware were so nice, they insisted to take my bag and bring it  directly to my room while I ate, and my camera was there. So yep, I just stole the photo below for the awarding from Rockstarmomma who was one of the bloggers who attended the event. 

After lunch, we got interviewed by bloggers, and writers... Feeling artista thingy... Plus more photo ops.

Around 4 in the afternoon, we had a Personality Development Workshop (that I heard, cost an arm and a leg) with Karen Loren Agustin-Ostrea, Binibining Pilipinas-Universe 2002.  Wow, natupad ang pangarap kong magpapicture sa isang Beauty Queen.   We learned how to walk, sit straight, maintain good posture, introduce ourselves and others, and more feel-good things.  Ang dami kong natutunan! Had it been longer, I would probably have discovered that I don't have manners kasi ang dami kong social faux pas! Hahahahah!

Feeling Beauty Queen!

Si Ms. Karen, making a funny gesture.
After dinner, we were given a complimentary whole body massage at the hotel. Hay, first time to have a massage in a hotel (mas mahal kasi diba?)

The massage room with its own CR

I can get used to this life!
The next day was our scheduled photo shoot and video shoot. The photo shoot is for a magazine feature (Metro I think) that will come out this coming February. The video shoot is for Tupperware's campaign for confidence. There was another interview while we were waiting for our shoot

We were prepped (I hate my hair, by the way) but I didn't want (wasn't in the mood) to complain. Wearing those 4 inch killer shoes was really painfully nice - it was so nice, it looked like I had longer legs, but it was so painful that I had to remove it after every shoot.  It also hurt, because it was only a size 8... I have big feet and there is no other bigger pair. :(

Love my dress by the way... There's another, a red one, that I wore for the YouTube vid.  We were super duper feeling artista that day. Grabe! It's so hard!!!

The awardees: Nanay Remie and Dolly, with Bianca Valerio

My uber-sakit-sa-buong-paa-BUT-to-die-for-sexy-heels

Behind the scenes... while doing the youtube video

One of the prizes, an Aranaz bag.

My beautiful flowers and Plaque

Enjoying the elevator and the endless mirrors

Thank you to everyone who voted for me. Special mention to Atsi, who nominated me, Chasen, Caru, etojac family, Tan family, Esperon family, my officemates (current and former), and friends.

Ayan, huli, naglalakad nang nakapaa sa lobby.

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