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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sulit Mom

I always make it a point to make the most out of everything. As a working mom, I should know how to budget our family's needs - this includes balancing our expenses, yet making sure that we are not so deprived.
So I have to make sure that every peso we spend is "sulit". This includes making the most out of a rewards card. 
The other day, I went to a Savemore near us to buy my kid's "baon" for school, and bought some other essentials.
When I went to the cashier, I asked her if I could use my SM Advantage Card points to pay for the grocery items. She said yes, and proceeded to check out the items. My bill amounted to P661.00. When she checked my points, it was 660 points already! So she said, "Ma'am, piso na lang ang ibabayad niyo."

Wow, nakakatuwa. I bought items for one peso.  Here's the list of items that I bought:

1 pack Oishi Pillows
2 Highlands corned beef (150 gm)
1 box Zesto Choco
2 packs Lucky Me Pancit Canton (6 pcs per pack)
1 Vitasoy Soya Oat Drink
4 cans Campbell Cream of Mushroom
5 cups Creamy Delight Yogurt

Ang hirap lang mag-ipon ng points, pero, ano pa nga ba at makakaipon din tayo, diba?



blahblahblogchef said...

niredeem ko din yung smac points ko. P300 plus. hehe.

jaja said...

ang saya diba? two years ago, ang naredeem ko 500+... eh yung shoes na may heels, naka 70% off, 280 something na lang, so binili ko 2 pairs, magkaibang color. Di ko alam na malaki na yung points ko, nagkataon lang ayaw gumana ng EPS, so sinuggest ng cashier iredeem ko yung points ko. tapos yun, 56 pesos lang ang binayad ko. ang saya!