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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Teachers are Usually Forgotten

A few days ago, I got a Linkedn invite from a student ( he was my student in Consti three semesters ago, and he sat in front).   The signature on the mail contained his fullname, with the name of the company where he is currently associated.

Thinking that he has graduated, I replied, "Hey ____, congrats, you work at _______ na pala." And he said, "OJT lang po". I further replied that still, it's a good opportunity. Then I read his next reply a few minutes ago, which was:
"uhmmm sorry ahh , san nga po ba tau nagkakilala ?"
OH MEYN!!!!!!
I am not sure if the Linkedn invites are usually sent by its members, or if it's just an automatic thing. But the thing is, he was in my address list, and he usually sent me emails since some of my classes' requirements are passed through email, so I ASSUMED that he still new me.
Too bad, I made an ASS out of myself.
I always thought teachers somehow leave a mark on their students, not only after teaching them but also if their teachers have somehow shown them compassion when they were under their "wings". Turned out, that was wrong.
What's my poiny in writing this? Nothing. I just want to vent.
Even if I go out of my way pala to try to touch the lives of my students, I'm still just an unrecognizable face among the millions of faces that they encounter in their lives. 
At least I tried.
My only wish is that, I hope they remember what I taught about life and being kind to others, even if they totally forget about me.
Bonus na lang kung maalala nila ako...


blahblahblogchef said...

sana ibinagsak mo nalang yun! haha..grabe sya, di nya maalala college prof, ako nga teachers ko nung kinder kilala ko pa.

jakie and the beadstalk said...

At take note, a few sems ago lang you. I would understand kung nung unang year ko siya naging estudyante - 2001. Kaso hindi. Grrrr...

Ang galing mo naman, natatandaan mo pa!Alam mo, guilty din naman ako, di ko na matandaan ang law skul profs ko, kasi binura ko na sila sa isip ko. Yung sa elementary, hmmm, I don't remember all, pati high school. Pero ang natatandaan ko yung nag make ng mark in my life. Naks!!!