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Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year's Resolution

Every year, I make a list in my head of things I resolve to do (or not to do) and every year, I fail because I forget what's in the list.

I remember a year though, when I jotted it down, and forgot all about it all throughout the year.  So it's not just my head, I realized. It's just that I am not the "new year's resolution" type.

Just to be different, last January 1, I cleaned the house. Okay, one-fourth of the house... or one-eight of the house. It's so not easy for me, since I am not a domesticated wife, but it was an achievement. I even broke a sweat. I even tended the garden (again, a bit, since it was bigger than the house hehehe).  I also washed the dishes and gave hubby a break since he was sick.

On January 2, it was "selfish" time. Hubby encouraged me to have a massage in the morning, his treat, since according to him, when I return to the office, I will again be so busy that I wil forget to take care of myself.  I didn't take too long to be convinced so we were at the parlor as soon as it opened at 10 am.  I had a body scrub, hair and scalp massage, sauna, ventusa, turtle walk massage, shiatsu. Woooow!!!

Later in the afternoon, hubby and I had a pedicure at home. See, it's nice to have a hubby who is more vanidosa than I am, because I am reminded of what I am missing if I don't pamper myself. Then, I thought of getting a hair color, so I did. I even had my eyebrows tamed!  The little boy said (as usual), "ang ganda-ganda mo mommy!" Hay, ang sarap ng may fan!

Today, January 3, it's back to work after almost two weeks of much-needed rest.

For this year, I welcome all the blessings that will come my way (as I am sure there will be a looooott! - yep, positive thinking).  I am also looking forward to all the opportunities  that are waiting for me.

I won't have any list with me, but I now what I want for this year: More "pamper me" time, better attitude to life, a cleaner environment (this would be a little hard for me, but I'll try), and more love to give to others.

Happy new year and God bless us all!


blahblahblogchef said...

yeah...more "pamper me" and "paganda" time. happy new year to you and to your family. muahz

Rae A. said...

Ako din, parang di ako new year resolution type of person. I will do the 'change' as I think about it. Besides pwede din namang new month's resolution, or new week's resolution hahaha.

Although I did start a project this year kasi tamad na tamad akong maglinis. One-a-Day Project (basta isa sa isang araw, may gagawin akong household activity na matagal ko nang pinagpapaliban, like yesterday naglinis ako ng electric fan. Will probably write about it on my personal blog (littleeverydaystuff-dot-wordpress-dot-com).

jaja said...

@blahblahblogchef-Happy happy!!!! diba? I miss our footspa sessions na.

@ rae- Ay, I like that idea!!!new month's resolution or new week's!! Parang two weeks ago, nag linis din ako ng aircon at electric fans. Ilang buwan ko na rin yung pinagpaliban :)