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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Spelling Bee Non-Qualifiers

I love being a teacher.  But what I hate most in teaching is checking exam papers especially when the questions asked are essay-type.

I remember that song, "I wanted a shadow I don't anymore.
No matter what happenS, I can't anymore!"

Because and Bankrupt. Is that so hard to spell, my dear?

Half!!! I thought it was a mere error, then he repeated it.

Barrow, Borrow, Barrow, Borrow! Grrr!!!

And the word "barrowed" again. Hay!

Exceptive - similar sounding words include:
Exception, Expletive, Except. Wait...
Oh, I get it, EXEMPTED!
The proper term here is "Ultra Vires" meaning acts done
outside of one's authority. 

Primary and Secondary Education in the Philippines should really be drastically improved to avoid Spelling Bee disqualifiers like these in high school.

And it's not just the spelling. It's the entire communication thingy!!