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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Irritating Staff at Picnic Grove's Fish Spa

It's a Monday and I want to start the week by ranting.

Last Saturday, we went to Picnic Grove because we were itching to leave the house. The last time we went there was when my baby was still a baby, less than a year old! So that was what, four  years ago?

Anyways, I noted a lot of changes in the area and my tita/ninang showed me the new Fish Spa inside.  The place has got aquariums with doctor fish inside to nibble on one's feet.  The person gets a 10-minute massage after being "EATEN ALIVE" by fish for 20 minutes.

I wanted to try it, but I was too chicken to try it so I asked hubby to try it instead. And he gamely did.

I wasn't able to count how many fish
were inside each tank

One must wash his/her feet before submerging them inside a tank-full of fish.  This is to ensure that the feet and legs are free from lotion or other chemicals that may harm the fish.  Obviously, if the fish would eat you, they would possible ingest the chemicals too.  (Paano kung may athlete's foot, mangingisay kaya ang fish?)

Konti pa lang, kasi kakalagay pa lang ng feet.

A few seconds into the tank and the fish greedily chewed and sucked into hubby's feet.

Once the news had spread...
Munch...munch...chomp...chomp...yummy feet!

According to hubby, at first, the chewing is tickling and it is a bit "nakakakuryente".  After several minutes, one gets used to it and the gnawing/chewing/munching becomes tolerable and relaxing.  About the massage, it was not exceptional.

The downside.

I wanted to try it, but the staff wouldn't even let me touch the tanks with my hand.  They want me to pay first and they don't want me to see if I would like it! For something this noveau, the management should be tolerable to customers who are not so keen on trying out this thing.

My baby enjoyed looking at the fish so much, he wanted to try it too.  But the staff kept on saying, "distansya lang po, distansya" without saying why.  If course, I would ask my boy to stay away from the aquarium, but after saying that at least five times, it was irritating already.  I asked them how old is the youngest who can try it. And they said 5 yrs. So I said, my boy's 5, can he try it? No. no explanations whatsoever. So my boy and I left

My dejected baby after not being allowed to try it.
Lahat na lang bawal, eh magbabayad naman kami?

I would tell everyone I know, not to go to that place.  For P200 pesos, you may waste money because you wouldn't know if you'd enjoy it because they aren't accommodating to their customers and won't let them try it first free of charge.

Second, the staff are very aloof. They welcome you, but they don't have smiles on their faces. Were they underpaid, oppressed or depressed about their jobs? I don't know. Basta, nakakairita na magpunta sa kanila.

Third, it's overpriced.

Fourth, masungit ang staff. Super not friendly.

Fifth, masungit ang staff. Super not friendly.

Sixth, masungit ang staff. Super not friendly. (Oh did I mention this many times already?)

So there, need I say more?

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