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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lunch Date at Kamay-Kainan

Lunch Date!

It's been months since Hubby and I had eaten out together.  We were supposed to meet a friend for lunch, so we didn't bring "baon" for lunch.  But since she cancelled our meeting, we decided to push through with our lunch date, sans our friend.

We chose to eat at Kamay Kainan along Kalayaan Ave., Diliman, Quezon City. 

We chose a place that we would have our fill and the price would not be too much.   We haven't tried eating here yet, so we went in to take a look. Hubby said, "Okay na ako dito." So, Kamay-Kainan it is.

There are over 35 dishes to choose from. There's plain rice and garlic fried rice, sinigang, nilaga, tinola, bopis, dinuguan, ensalada, itlog na maalat, daing na bangus, crispy hipon, crispy crablets, ginatang kuhol, ginataang langka, and lots more.  At P298 per head, eat-all-you-can, sulit na talaga. 

Sumugod agad ako sa Crispy Hipon 

Lotsa Many Foodie!

Chicharong Bituka. Earlier there was Chicharong Bulaklak 

Sisig, tinola, sinigang (na taba)
Crispy Crablets

The interior is okay

Siyempre, super anghang na suka para sa hipon at crablets!

They have a bar too. But the lunch crowd isn't noticing this.

Clean Tables

My chief complaint:Ang haba ng bigot ni Mr. Shrimp
The ice cream was not yet done but the customers
couldn't wait anymore. Ayan tuloy, sabaw ng ice cream!
But there's a big revelation here: Hindi na ako kasing-siba nung panahon ko na teen-ager pa lang ako. Ang bilis ko nang sumuko. Huhuhuhu.

I was too full to eat this gelatine with sago. Sayang!

Side Entrance of Kamay-Kainan. I like their Bamboo Plant
Overall, it was a nice lunch experience.  The crew were not friendly though. I didn't hear any welcome greeting or a thank you greeting.   My glass of water didn't get refilled also.  Ang hirap humagilap ng crew para mag-refill kasi madaming tao. Wala namang nagkusa na magrefill. Buti hindi ako nabulunan. 

Will definitely go back there next time.  Their store hours are from 10 am to 10 pm daily. Buffet is whole day.  From 7 pm onwards, during weekdays, they offer 20% discount. The P289 will become 230+.  It's a steal already! Make sure you're hungry when you go there para sulit.  

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