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Sunday, September 2, 2012

When Was the Last Time You Went Inside a Library?

When I was kid, I wanted to be a teacher for one very special reason:  I loved erasing blackboards.

Decades later, that one dream came true.  And I came through a very nasty realization: Erasing blackboards is not so fun after all.  

Oh well!  On another note, becoming a teacher has a lot of perks (emotionally and spiritually, NOT financially). That includes free access to the school's library!  Erasing a blackboard is definitely not a perk! 

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One time, while waiting for my next class to start, I dropped by the library to get a few reference materials for my classes.  I realized that the last time I really stayed in a real school library was before I took the bar exams in 2005!  That was soooo long ago! 

Going to the library is like going inside a time space warp
So, I enjoyed the moment and relished going over books, checking the card catalogues, signing the library cards.  There's something really uplifting with books, libraries and reading.  I have a long-time love affair with those three - oh but I prefer leisure reading of course!

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New acquisitions!

I encourage you all to drop what you're doing once in a while and visit your local library. Who knows what treasures you may find there!

Fourth Year: El Fili

Do you remember when's the last time you entered the library?

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