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Thursday, August 2, 2012

LRT (Photo Story/wish)

Three Tuesdays ago, on my way home from class, I rode the LRT from Doroteo Jose.  It was only 9 in the evening at the time.  And look at what greeted me:


Oh I can dance on the aisle!
I wish everyday commuting via the LRT or MRT would be as "relaxed" as that night: no people pushing, no scrambling to get a tight hold of the safety bars, no people screaming and stepping on one's foot, no angry commuters because of the heat, the noise and the cramped space.

Well, wishes are free, so I can wish for as long as I like.

P.S.  The next time I rode the LRT, same time, two days after this one, there wasn't space for me to fit my bag in. :(

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