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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Red Velvets by Atty. Mitch

Hah, and you thought this was a sunflower!

It's nice to have friends who love to bake like me but unlike me, they have their own ovens and they can really make time to do their passion to bake.

Like Atty. Mitch.  She's a lawyer, beauty and brains mind you, with a very hectic schedule, but with an equally amazing skill in the kitchen.

She's in the stage of perfecting her red velvet cakes.

moist and sweet!

I like that she put these cakes on little waxed paper (so that it can easily be brought to my table-hahahahahahaha), err, I mean, so that it is very easy for individual consumption.

By the way, this was her first try:

just right out from the oven
Tadaaaaa!!! With icing! Not bad for a first time, eh?

I can't wait for her future "creations"!

Oh by the way, did I mention that her blueberry cheesecake is to die for? Yum!

Here's to more spatulas and measuring spoons Atty. Mitch!


Michellejan Babiano said...

thanks atty. jaja. you inspire me to try out new recipes. so be prepared for many taste tests. now i'll have to surprise you with a blueberry cheesecake too.

jaja said...

hahahhaa. thanks! galing galing! kakatuwa! pag nagkabonus, bibili talaga ako ng oven, para magpa -taste test din ako! (dream kong magtayo ng bakery, hindi bake shop ah!hehehehe)