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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Branded Rice

My hubby and I went to the local grocery one time.  Our baby (now little boy) was in tow.  Since there was a long line in the cashier, and the local grocery only had industrial fans for ventilation, my little boy and I went near the entrance to the grocery, where a GIANT industrial fan was operating.  While enjoying the face-scrunching power of the fan, I looked to my left and noticed that it was the "rice section" of the grocery store. 

My kid went to that side, and touched the sacks of rice and the rice grains, one by one.  While watching him do this ( you know how therapeutic it is to touch rice grains in sacks, right?), I noticed a cute-looking sack of rice.  Well, what do you know, it's a BLUEBERRY RICE!   The sack was fashioned from the original checkered design prominent in Burberry women's bags

Blueberry Rice? Mahal to!
And on its left side is SKY HIGH RICE! I never knew there was a "Disney" variety of rice.  The sack design was after the CD cover of the Disney movie, "Sky High".

Sky High Rice
This truly made my day! This only proves that Filipinos can find humor everywhere... even in the hard-earned fruits of their sweat as they toiled under the hot sun, backs bent all day just so we can have that perfect rice for that perfect "ulam"!

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