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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Adoption Part 2

This is a continuation of my previous post on adoption. I seem to have a problem with it, so I split the post in two.

In addition to foreign nationals who want to adopt a child in the Philippines, here are the additional requirements:

1. Certification that the applicant(s) have legal capacity to adopt in his/her country has a policy, or is a signatory of an international agreement, which allows a child adopted in the Philippines by its national to enter his/her country and permanently reside therein as his her legitimate child which may be issued by his/her country’s diplomatic or consular office or central authority in inter-country adoption or any government which has jurisdiction over the child and family matters; or in the absence of the foregoing, the Philippines Inter-country Adoption Board may also certify that the Philippines and the applicant’ country have an existing agreement or arrangement on inter-country adoption whereby a child who has been adopted in the Philippines or has a pre-adoption placement approved by the Board is allowed to enter and remain as permanent resident in the applicant’s country as his/her legitimate child.

2. Certificate of Residence in the Philippines issued by the Bureau of Immigration or Department of Foreign Affairs, as appropriate.

3. Two character references from a non-relative who knew the applicants in the country of which he/she is a citizen or as a resident prior to residing in the Philippines, except for those who have resided in the Philippines for more than fifteen years.

4. Police clearance from all places of residence in the past two years immediately prior to residing in the Philippines.

5. Individual and joint interview with the couple, through home visitation/collateral interview with the relatives.

6. Preparation and approval of Home Study Report.

7. Presentation and matching of the child and adoptive parents with the Child Welfare Specialist Group (CWSG).

8. Placement or physical transfer of the child to the adoptive parents.

9. Six months supervised trail custody- the family social worker conducts monthly home visit, phone calls, or interviews in order to monitor the child’s integration in the adoptive family. This would also be the basis for the recommendation for termination or finalization of the adoption.

10.Sharing of Post Placement Report to the Child-caring Agency where the child was fetched.

11. Finalization of adoption- adoptive family, thru lawyer files the petition in court.

12. Adoption Registration- Adoptive family presents a certified photocopy of Court Order and Certificate of Finality to respective Local Civil Registrar.

13. Amended Birth Certificate- Adoptive family presents certified true copies of the Court Decision, Certificate of Finality, Adoption Registration and the copy of the child’s old Birth Certificate to the LCR where the child was originally registered.

14. Motherland Tour for tracing the roots- this would only happen if the child desires to locate his/her biological parents.

Adoption requires the filing of a petition for adoption in the family court where the petitioner resides, so be prepared to shell out money for the filing fee, lawyer's fees and other expenses.

But make sure you contact your lawyer and these offices first for the other nitty-gritty details: DSWD-ARRU (Department of Social Welfare and Development- Adoption Resource and Referral Unit) and KBF- (Kaisahang Buhay Foundation).

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