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Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend Blessings

Weekend Blessings

Last weekend had been one of the most fun and tiring weekends I've had.

First Blessing:

Saturday Morning. Plan: Lunch Meeting with Ms. Cabico, my super loved/beloved second year high school class adviser. She celebrated her "tisxith" birthday a few days ago (July 4, if I'm not mistaken) and she wanted to have lunch with someone different (differently-abled?heheheh) from the usual lunch dates that she has.

Our text messages were somewhat like these:

Me:  Ma'am, tuloy po ba tayo sa ating lunch date today?
Ma'am: Yes!
Me: Pwedeng request, MOA na lang para malapit?
Ma'am: Ah, ako sana ang magrerequest na sa Makati na lang, bec. I have a meeting there too.
Me: Ah ok, but I will be late po ah.
Ma'am: Ok. see you at Mom and Tina's at Dela Rosa St.
Me:  Sige po, hanapin ko na lang yun.   Thank you po.

12: 15 pm. arrived at Mom's and I brought my favorite baby with me, and he instantly bonded with Ms. Cabico and her Ipad.
It was a lunch filled with business opportunities, case load possibilities and a lot of catching up after almost two decades of life pre-FB. I told my little boy that we're meeting my teacher. When he saw Ms. Badeth, he couldn't believe that she used to be my high school teacher (we look like classmates lang because Ms. Badeth still looks young!)

Gosh, we had no picture!!!!!!!!!

2:20 pm. on our way to Trinoma for meeting with bloggers Kira and Krissy.  Little Boy didn't want to leave Ms. Badeth's side (well, actually, uhm, he didn't want to go without bringing with him Ms. Badeth's Ipad)

Thank you Ma'am for a wonderful lunch and I wish you a very happy birthday!

Second Blessing:

3:00 pm. at the entrance of Red Mango.  
          I won a Red Mango Date with Kira and Krissy in Kira's blog. So I met  Kira Ramirez Krissy,   Sunshine,  Mizi,  Svetlani and Lemuel.  I introduced my little boy to them and true to his form, he ignored them (to my utter embarrassment).  It's so nice to meet new friends!

       I had Yuzu Lemon Swirl (medium) with almonds, mango and banana. It was sinlessly heavenly!!!!!(Frozen Yogurt! How can something soooo good be not sinful?! But it's true!). Picture-picture... (Thank you Ms. Kira!!!)

Me, Mizi and Kira. Photo credit:

Yuzu Lemon Swirl, medium, with bananas, almonds and mango
In between spoonfuls of Fro-Yo, we talked about everything that came up - work, school, Krissy's zero (zero nga ba?) love life, Kira's unconfirmed answer to her lovelife, (hahahahaa) work, blogging, and lots more.  The little boy kept on going to the comfort room, so sayang, I missed a lot of conversation.  (Wouldn't have ever wished that he wasn't with me at that time, though cause he is my "cherry" on my Fro-Yo). I'm always busy during the whole week so I wouldn't mind missing a few topics if the reason for that is to attend to my unico hijo's whims. hahaha.

Sunshine brought cupcakes from Silvanas. Sarraappp!! Creamy, cheesy goodness in every bite. Parang commercial! Thank you :)

Here are my other new friends:

Lemuel, Svetlani, Krissy and Sunshine Photo Credit:

Their orders: Fro-Yos galore. Photo Credit:
       I was so blessed to meet in person those people behind the blogs that I follow (and blogs with giveaways that I join in and sometimes win in).  They put real, actual faces on each post that I read. I wasn't able to be my talkative self too because I was somewhat star struck! (who, me?) hahahahaa!  I was inspired to blog more.

        Sometime later, Paul the PR Guy arrived with Ana, Aisa and Dani.  Again, more bloggers that I follow! Can this day be more blessed?  Picture-picture and more picture-picture pa ulit.
The Little Boys' Yuzu Lemon Swirl

Third Blessing:

           Ms. Kira gave me these (as if the date was not enough!)  Thank you again!  Not in photo are the anti-acne vitamins and eyeshadow.  While I was taking a photo of the gifts, my little boy put his Superman on the side. Kasama daw siya dapat sa picture.

Superman is not included. My boy just put him there.

Fourth Blessing:

5:15 pm. We asked to be excused, since it's getting late and we intended to hitch a ride with my friend, Abby.
                We were already inside the MRT when Abby texted me to say she went ahead already because she has a headache.  But she asked me to text Joanne and invite her to our place for a weekend get-together gimik.

5:45 Phone Conversation:

Me: Shaids, may date ka? Tara sa amin. Pupunta daw si Abby.
Jo: Sige!
Me: Kaso ikaw daw magdala ng kotse, nauna na siya
Jo: Ha? Tinatamad ako magdrive. Pabalikin mo siya.
Me: Ok.

Me: Abby, asan ka na?
Abby: Toll na malapit, expressway. Balik ka daw. Di daw dadalhin ni Shaids si Bruno.
Abby: Sige. MOA na lang.  (Later it was changed to Bluewave)

Later again at Bluewave...

Jo: Ate, susunod daw sina Ate Joy (with Glenn, Tara and Rooky-sayang wala si AJ)
Me: Weeehhhhhhh

On our way home...

Me: Ay tatawagan ko si Nancy, tutal malapit lang siya.
       ( I look at my phone to text her and see a missed call from Nancy. Call it telepathy or Bioman instinct!)

Nancy and Joy came the next day.

Imagine how many people slept over in our home that night. Hahahaha.  Imagine Ligo Sardines!

Sayang Dhang and Aie weren't there.  Pati si Lanie and Myra. Oh well, had they been there, I don't know where else to let them sleep... sa bahay kubo siguro pwede...

My friends stayed overnight at our humble home and left before dark yesterday. It had been several months since our last get-together at my home. Whew! What a weekend of  meet-ups and get-togethers.   I get to spend the whole day with my baby also and did not complain that he was tired.  He just complained that it was so hot outside when we were on our way to Trinoma. Such a good boy.

Unforgettable.  Thank you God. I am so blessed. 

Pink 5, Shaids, Green 2, Yellow 4 and Rooky

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Oh yes, Ja! I didn't have my cam that time, but I had my phone! Hay grraabbee! We forgot to take pics. Sayang!