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Monday, July 9, 2012

Firmoo Glasses

Got my free pair of Firmoo Glasses and I only have nice words for them!

They're fashionable, lightweight, and man, it's real great protection from the sun with an added bonus of giving your view a different hue.

These men's aviator glasses
may be worn by women too!
 Price: US$ 44.90

I feel like Dolly Parton!!!!
 Price: US$ 42.00 (estimate)
Firmoo offers prescription glasses too.   Each pair has a price range of US$ 8.00 to US$ 70.00. Very flexible, right?

Check out my previous blogpost about Firmoo to know more.  Oh, by the way, Firmoo's website offers a virtual try-on so you would have an idea how a pair of glasses would look on you.  It is user-friendly, and gives all the details on a pair of glasses that one would need before buying one (price, shape, size, color/s, and even how many stars it got from its buyers!).  See, that's excellent customer service!

Here's more from its websiteFirmoo assures its clients that all the Firmoo’s eyeglasses will go with some free eyeglasses tool in each order
*For plastic memory plastic frame: Spectacle cases and eyeglasses bags, micro-fiber lens clothes, one screwdriver and extra screws.
*For metal, mixed material and titanium frame: Spectacle cases and eyeglasses bags, micro-fiber lens clothes, one screwdriver, extra screws (screw nuts) and replacement nose pads.
*For goggles ( all the RMAL series), only the eyeglasses bag will be sent free.
So, buy your own pair now!  Order online at

Unisex full frame plastic eyeglasses by  
#SD2320 - US$18.50    

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