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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hand Puppets: DIY Activity for Moms and Kids

The past week/days have been very rainy and we were forced to stay indoors (no work for me and hubby and no school for the little one).

So to while away the time, my kid and I did some art project at home.

Different headwear! l-r: none, antenna, ribbon

This is a really easy activity because there's very few cutting and more 'glueing".  Just perfect for your toddler.  What's also nice is that most of the materials are old, recyclable things.  This is a chance to put to good use those socks, ribbons, thread, beads or other trinkets that you no longer use.


Old (smelly) socks
Yarn (any color)
Plastic Eyes (can be bought from craft stores)
beads, sequins
glue (the really sticky one)

optional: ribbons, buttons, cloth, what-have-you's

1. Take a sock, glue on a pair of eyes (or more, if you want an alien-looking puppet)

   If you can't find "eyes", make one yourself. Trace a small circle on paper or white cloth, draw eyes on the circle and glue it on the sock.  Use whatever colored marker you like. Colored? Colored if you want to stick to the alien theme. It's your call, it's you puppet anyway

2.  Cut yarn/ribbons to 1-inch strips and glue on top of socks (for the hair and eyebrows)

3. Add buttons or beads for the nose and mouth (ribbons may be used for the mouth)

we used beads for the nose
4. Glue on some other things for the puppet's clothes

5. Be as creative as you can (add cheeks, neck ties, different colored hair)

we made six of them
6. Wear on hand and play!

What's really nice is that after making two (one for me and my little one), he wanted  to make more for his dad, cousins and granpa.

We delivered one to Eryx that day.  I kept on forgetting to give to Kuya Berbee his puppet. Good thing, my kid remembered to bring it to his Kuya the other day. (Oh we forgot to bring  Papa's puppet!  Next time, maybe.)

Remember: it's not important to make your puppet look uber detailed or perfect.  What's important is that you got to bond with your little one and taught him the value of arts and creativity and of course, recycling.




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