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Friday, September 23, 2011

The Many Faces of Me

I was browsing through one of my friends' pictures online and saw a really old-looking photo of hers. I checked out the source of the photo and discovered  It allows the user to view his/her face on different hair-dos of different eras (with matching skin color).  

It is really amusing and allows the user to imagine how he/she must have looked in the old and not-so old days, especially when one is not so daring as to follow whatever the trend is/was.

It allows the user to take a picture of himself/herself and use that for the hair-types, or use any pic available from one's computer.  Cool huh!

So, at the risk of being laughed (anyway, it's better to make you laugh than to make you cry), here are my jurassic (and not-so-jurassic) looks.

the librarian look
friend of scooby doo's friends?

the discoverer of penicillin 





this is supposed to be the 2000 look

but this is my favorite!!
The one thing I hate about it, though, is that my nose look soooo big! Well, that's the photo that was best for all the "do's".  I can't really complain.

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