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Friday, September 23, 2011

The Magic Stays with Us

My best friend Cel, gave me these free tickets.  She got this from Enchanted Kingdom's Rainy Day Treat - if during your visit to the Park, it rained continuously for 20 minutes, you get free a free return ticket!

So off we went to the magical land of the Great Purple Wizard!  Little Bach had a blast! If he were only allowed to ride the Space Shuttle, I think he would have done it.    His dad tried the extreme ride - where you ride on a seat and it goes straight up the tower and plummets down in just a few seconds, leaving all your innards up there in the tower (Though I forgot what its name is.)

Our all-time favorite is the Rio Grande Rapids.  Even Kuys and Mommy G had fun and wanted to ride again except that the line was too long!

It rained for a long time during our visit. Sadly, we were not eligible for return tickets anymore.

Till the next free ride, EK!

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