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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Liliw Aliw

The Church of Liliw, Laguna
One Saturday, several months ago, my friends and I went to Liliw, Laguna, to check out their products -SHOES and SLIPPERS!   On our way there, we were chatting a lot and did not notice that the sign that pointed the way to Liliw.  We  have gone straight for about 3 kilometers, before realizing that we were already lost!  Now, that's an experience!

After going through the products of each of the stores there, we decided to have lunch at Arabela's. A friend googled it in the net and found good reviews about the restaurant.

My ever ready husband, brought "baon" with us - rice with scrambled eggs, tomatoes and adobo and a big jug of iced tea!  But as soon as he saw the others' orders, he, too, ordered steak for himself.

My baby ordered fish fillet in cream sauce or whatever with a side salad.  He enjoyed it so much, and the baby corn, that he begged his ninangs for some spare baby corn.

So pardon me for posting pics of the food we ate, instead of the shoes and bags and slippers and other stuff that the town of Liliw offered. 

Parmesan crusted fish fillet in white cream sauce - my baby's order
(too bad the picture didn't do it justice)

Grilled Chicken in white sauce

Sirloin Steak
Mess of a sirloin
The verdict on the food--- will definitely go back there one of these days. 

So, the ending of our trip was that- I was able to buy only a pair of slippers for myself (that is one of the 3 pairs for 100 being sold).  I was able to buy the rest of my family slippers as pasalubong.  Funny, I spent a whole lot more on the food that we had and only a few hundred pesos for the slippers (I didn't even buy a pair of shoes!).  It was a food trip and not a shoe trip.

But what I enjoyed the most was the food, the laughter and the special moment I shared with my family and with my friends. 

Oreo cheesecake for dessert
Chocolate mousse

Strawberry cheesecake

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