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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Free Movie Tickets

Sometime earlier this month, I won free movie tickets for four (4) from Fotoloco's Fun O'clock Promo.  I previously blogged about it in another blog (see here:

When I attempted to use the tickets at Ayala Town Center, I was told by the cashier that I cannot use the tickets since complimentary tickets may only be availed of for movies showing in their cinemas for at least seven days.  At that time, all their movies were being shown for only three days.  I even asked if the tickets can be used to watch a 3-D movie (at that time, Smurfs was showing in 3-D) and I was willing to pay a fee on top of the value of the complimentary tickets because  I didn't want to go back to ATC all the way from Cavite. Unfortunately, the lady said, it cannot be done.  

So, sadly, after having some snacks, we went home, and I later informed Fotoloco about it.  I told them I wasn't blaming them, but it might be good to talk to their sponsors about it so that the lucky winners wouldn't be going home, wasting money for their fare, only to find out that they couldn't use their free tickets.  And you know what, Fotoloco replied within minutes from my email and apologized about the incident.  They even sent me eight (8) free bowling tickets to somehow make up for the sad incident! So how's that for real customer service!!!  If only other companies would have this kind of customer service...

A few weeks later, I won again in their promo and they didn't let me pick up the tickets in their offices anymore. Instead, they sent me this through courier:

Going to the movies is really expensive nowadays
so free tickets like these really make  my day!

Join the contest now!

(Fotoloco, offers its fun photo booth for rent during any occasion. Check out its website at for more info.)

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