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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Birthdays remembered and forgotten

Happy birthday cookies for all you celebrators out there!

I'm having terrible MG (memory gap) that I seem to lose track of time. Classic example, I almost forgot about my wedding anniversary and  my baby's 3rd bday.  I totally forgot about my friend's son's bday and realized that it had already passed about three weeks after the date and when I noticed that my friend wasn't talking to me.

To my friends and family:

You see, I know you will be celebrating your birthdays on a particular day and month.  But the thing is, I don't really keep track of the days that go by.  Like for now, I realized this morning that it was already September 28 and I have two friends whose birthday is September 27.  I reminded myself countless times, since September came, to greet those friends on their birthday but it seemed as if the days were fast-forwarded and whhhooooosh, their birthdays came and went without me noticing the dates. 

So if I greet you a week or so early, it means that you are in my thoughts and I know that your special day is coming up. But due to my unreliable memory, I might not be able to keep track of my calendar, so I greet you at that moment that I am thinking of you.  But if in case, you are one of the few that I didn't get to greet on their special day, please don't be mad at me, I love you, and you are always in my thoughts, even if my thoughts tend to be jumbled  most of the time.

Note note note:   

Belated happy, happy birthday to Papa Jun, Kythn, Weng, Myra, Vhince, Glenn, Rhuda, Z, Mafz and Ate Ghing!  (If you're name is missing here, let me know so I can edit this!)

Advance happy birthday to Atty. Babes and Chasen!

To my bestest friend, Caru, happy happy birthday! You're the best!  

Here are some PVZ/ Angry birds (at the back) cupcakes for all of you! :P

photo courtesy of a friend's friend in Facebook


GRC said...

happy bday cel

Ge said...

Am I the one who did not talk to you for three weeks? Hahaha! :)

jaja said...

hindi naman. hahaha. kaso mga 4 weeks ka ata!!!