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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Baby Names

This is a short one.

My Mama assisted our Parish yesterday for the Baptism of many, many babies (since it was the Feast Day of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception).  She went home with this funny (funny weird, not funny ha-ha) anecdote. 

A child was going to be baptized with the name of Cellphone.  According to the mother, it's a combination of the kid's parents' names. The mom is Cel, and the dad is Ponciano; hence the name Cellphone.

Another child was baptized Charger. Again, another combination of the names of the kid's parents.  This time, it's the dad's name first: Charlie, and the mom: Gertrude.

The priest wanted to get angry, but in order to preserve the solemnity of the Sacrament of Baptism, he just shook his head and moved on with the rites.

I get the name combination thing, but can't they think of  a better name than that? Surely, there are a gazillion names out there. These names could have been used as pet names/ nicknames, but not the names in their Birth Certificates, and worse, their Baptismal Certificates.



blahblahblogchef said...

di nga? funny!
Sabi ko kay jowa, pagnagkaanak ako pagbabae, Chasen Liberty (Chasing Liberty movie)o kaya Charlize Angel. Sabi ni jowa, kung ganun daw, kung lalake ang baby, ipapangalan nya sa kanya, DAN InSixtySeconds! haha

jaja said...

bwahahahhaahha chasing liberty! da best ang dan in sixty seconds. wapak!!!

trulyly ito, last Sunday. Kinuwento agad ni Mama pagdating niya ng hapon