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Sunday, October 20, 2013

We Will Swap Our Beloved Kit for a Foton

Kit has been with us since 1996.  She's our family car: a red and silver Lancer GXL then. She's fully automatic and she looks super cool. 

When my siblings and I started to have our own families, Kit no longer functioned properly.  She gulps gas like a camel gulps water from an oasis in the dessert. Her windows no longer open, and her airconditioning goes haywire when you start driving.  The aircon works properly only when Kit is in neutral gear.  Imagine the torture when you ride her, without any windows opening, and with no airconditioning: yep, slow death.
We've been looking for a good family car since Kit started showing signs of old age in the middle of 2000.  Sadly, we have been unsuccessful because we were looking for the following in our future family car:

   1. Affordability

It should not be prized like a luxury vehicle, because we have to take into consideration the needs of the family first (the child is the number one priority, and mind you, that could be costly), before spending on a car.
   2. Fuel Efficiency
We don't want to spend too much on gas for obvious reasons.  We don't have money all the time for fuel, since we have to really follow our budget.  I've had my share of being broke when I drove Kit, which was nearly empty at that time, and I only had P150 pesos in my wallet. Imagine my embarrassment of gassing up for just P100.00! Arggghhhh!!!
We also don't want to add to the load of Mother Nature, so we would like a vehicle that would assure us of fuel economy.
   3. Size
In the Philippines, family could include someone from the next barangay since he/she is related to your aunt's nephew's cousin, or something.  So our future car should not only be spacious for our own family, but should also have ample space for extended family (not the entire barangay though).  Outings are more fun when more family members join them, right?  And besides, in the Philippines, when we see someone we know walking in the street (with a companion/s), we call them and say, "Lika, sakay na!", even if there is only space for one, that someone would tell his/her companions, "Tara, kasya pa."  So, you know what I mean about size.
   4. Cargo Capacity
I am a "Jack of all Trades", the female version. I bake, I sell stuff, I do catering on the side, I teach, I join bazaars, I go everywhere. So the cargo capacity of the vehicle is one criteria that was solely given by moi, not the hubby.  I need a place to put my stuff in. Example: There are times when I have to deliver at least 5 dozens of cupcakes. Imagine how I would have to fit that in a car... Or I have to cater food somewhere and I need to bring with me chafing dishes, plates, what-have-yous. It's so hard to fit them all in a car, that sometimes, I have to make several trips to complete my delivery. 
Oh, I remember, there was one time that when my kid was still small, and we have to go grocery-shopping and after loading all the groceries into Kit, upon closing the trunk, we discovered that we forgot to load his stroller.  I could not describe how we managed to put his stroller inside. Suffice it to say that, my dad squeezed the stroller onto his lap, with his head at a strange angle, just so the little boy would be safely tucked in his baby carrier, and would not be bothered by the stroller.
   5. Make

We would also like to have a car that is "pogi".  Period.

And you know what, we found all of that in Foton's newest models.

The Thunder and Blizzard Pick-ups best meets our criteria for purchasing a new family vehicle. It is, indeed, value for money!
To see what Foton has to offer, attend Foton's Big Show 2013's Grand Launch at the World Trade Center on October 25.  

And you can test-drive a Foton during the Big Show. Just register here so you would get a chance to experience easy-breezy driving with a Foton. You will be convinced that Foton would meet your requirements for your next vehicle purchase.

Please come, because hubby and I are going, and we hope to see you there.

Kit has been with us for decades and the sentimental value we have for her cannot be replaced. But we really need a new car.  So, even if we love Kit dearly, we would let her rest and would gladly swap her with a Foton Thunder Pick-up (or Blizzard Pick-up), because we know that the Foton brand offers quality vehicles at affordable prices.  I think it would not offend Kit at all if we replace her with something much, much better.  Anyway, she had served us for a long time already. 

We also feel that Foton's pick-up trucks have both met all our requirements.  I have also heard that Foton offers great after-sales service.  Now, isn't that what everybody is looking for in a vehicle? Quality + Affordability + Pogi Points = FOTON.

Here's a message from Foton: Join Foton's Big Show 2013's Grand Launch at the World Trade Center on October 25 and witness the launching of the new FOTON View, the 1st dancing wheel loader in the Philippines. Get a chance to trade-in your old vehicles from October 26 to 27. Avail of BIG DISCOUNTS and BIG REWARDS when purchasing FOTON vehicles at the event. Receive amazing giveaways just for coming and you get even more when you test drive our passenger vehicles or attend our forums and trainings. No entrace fee!


Rae A. said...

Hey, I got the stuff.

Anyway, we have the same vehicle-buying criteria. But I'm not gonna buy anytime soon coz my workplace is near the house. Right now it's not practical.

jaja said...

I think it's not practical too if your house is near your workplace. Ako nga, I live sa may South, pero ang work ko sa Manila. I don't think it's practical to bring a car too... Pero, kung mga lakad ng family, I think kailangan talaga lalo na kung may mga kasamang chikiting.

Glad you got the stuff. It's not much, pero I hope you like it. btw, ako yung gumawa ng necklace with locket :)