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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Funny Haha

The little boy was so excited to have a new "ate" (aka kasambahay).  The night before she arrived, the little boy kept on bugging his dad and I when his new ate will arrive.  When she finally arrived the next evening, the little boy said:

"Daddy, ilabas niyo na po yung litson."

We were dumbfounded because the new ate heard it... After a few moments, I realized what he was talking about and I said:

"Anak, kutson po yung hihigaan ni ate. Yung litson po, pig yun."

--- Pahabol: The kasambahay only stayed for four days. It turned out, she just wanted someone to sponsor her fair from Bicol to Southern Luzon. GRRRRRRRRRRR!



The little boy never forgets to pray at night. But before meal times, there are times when he is already in the middle of eating and then suddenly remembers he hasn't prayed yet.  His prayer is the usual "Bless us o Lord..." and then followed by something that sounds like, "Mayie help o kischans...pray for us..."

So one time, I corrected him and said, "Babe, it's Mary, help of Christians."

He answered, "No mom. Sabi ng classmate ko, Mary, help a Christian."

So I told him that it's not right.  He insisted some more and I told him, "Mommy is teaching you the correct prayer."

And he said, "Oh alright. Wrong pala yung classmate ko."


Hay, kids... They are so funny, and they need a lot of guidance.

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