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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New Hobby: Polymer Clay

I'm an "arts and crafts" person. I am impatient and I have short attention span. When I indulge in something, I want to see results, if not immediate, then those which would not make me forget about it because it took THAT long to achieve.
I tried cross-stitching.  I tried doing the "My Precious Moments" projects and though they all looked cute, my stitches weren't.  They also took a looooot of time to finish. I then tried to "level up" and I tried a monochromatic (in blue) project, "Twin Hearts of Jesus and Mary", now decades later, with my pattern already torn and full of line, Jesus and Mary still have no heads.  So, goodbye cross-stitching for me.
I also tried the scrapbooking thing with paper tole and embossing. Again, each project takes too long a time to continue and I couldn't patiently wait for the results.  So, byebye scrapbooking and embossing too.
But I am hooked to accessories making (using beads and other materials) because not only do my creative juices flow freely, but because I see results in  just a few hours. 
I am also into baking because not is it enjoyable to see one's creations in a few hours but it is equally satisfying to see the faces of family and friends when I make them taste my finished products (though their faces aren't always THAT delighted when I let them taste my not-so-successful creations).
This year, I told myself I will indulge in creating cute items using Polymer Clay.
Finally, after searching high and low for a reliable supplier, I got me my first Polymer Clay Kit (P650.00) from Aileen of OhMiKrafts.
Here's what she sent me:
My First Clay Kit!
8 colors of clay (25 gm each)
5 Free Fimo (Clay Canes)
Cellphone accessory holder
Clay Knife Set
Another color for this set is Pink, but I preferred the blue set

And ... freebies!!!
Earrings from Aileen

More beads, keychain, jump rings and headpins

I can't wait to start with my new hobby this weekend.  I just hope I don't burn anything in the process.
Thanks Kid, of Zambo Styles Shoppe, for referring me to this seller.

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