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Sunday, July 7, 2013

New Food Ingredient: Animal Obesity

The husband of a friend of a friend gave us biscuits in the office from KSA.  The box was really pretty and the pictures of the biscuits (er, pastries) looked really enticing.

So while admiring the box, I took a look at the ingredients since the name of the pastry on the box was in Arabic. What I saw made me stop and search my brain for the English equivalent of an ingredient:

Also check the spelling of pistachio
  Animal Obesity??????

Then I looked inside and checked the wrapper of each pastry... and it also contains this ingredient, among others: animal obesity. Hmmm... (Sorry, my camera couldn't zoom on the really tiny print on the wrapper)

The pastry was crumbly with a distinct taste and smell of pistachio and anise. Nice.

Animal obesity = Animal Fat.

So be it.

Thank you (Mr. Giver/Donor), whoever you are, for letting us have a taste of this yummy creation from the Middle East.


Unknown said...

Interesting name for animal fat. I have yet to encounter it.

jakie and the beadstalk said...

Yep. Me too. That's why I couldnt help but take a picture of it. Sayang, my camera couldn't really zoom on it.