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Monday, November 14, 2011

Xend it Away!

my receipt-P89.00 for shipping to Zamboanga City
and I did not leave my seat!

I'm a believer in online shopping!

At first, I thought online  shopping seemed like a dubious way to purchase goods.  How could one be assured that he would get what he paid for if one doesn't first get to meet the buyer personally and see for himself the product he is buying?  But I knew technology and more modern means of purchasing are at hand, so I tried to shop online.

I started shopping online in December 2006. Filipinos were not yet crazy about online shopping at that time.  I bought a cellphone for my mom.  To be sure that I wouldn't be swindled, I agreed to do a meet-up with the seller, brought a witness with me and only paid when I was fully sure that the item was brand -new, in mint condition and was everything that I expected it to be.

These online transactions were soon followed by purchases of various toys for my nephews that were sold at really good prices since most of them were second-hand yet still looked new.

I have to say, that I have convinced and influenced my family and friends that secure online shopping can really be done at this age, provided of course, that one reads the caveat portion in the website or one always observes the required caution, prior research and inquiry before one enters into an online transaction.

But today, my respect and admiration for online shopping had taken a higher notch.  Years ago, my "suki" from online shopping told me that it is most convenient to send products via Xend.  According to her, you just have to go to their website, create an account and schedule a pick-up for the items that you want to ship.  No believing in this, I put off creating an account with Xend for years but advertised to my friends to try it.  Of course, though I advertise Xend to my friends, I cannot give them a personal comment about how it works because I haven't tried it.  

But there came an important order that I knew I had to send immediately but I was busy so I don't know if I could send right away.  So around 1:23 this afternoon, I finally created an account at  I then filled out a Waybill and then scheduled a pick-up.   

At 2:15 somebody came to my place of business to pick-up the items to be shipped!! woooaaaahhh!!!!  That  is waaaaayyyy too fast.  And get this, I was only charged P89.00 for the shipment of my beaded items to Zamboanga City.

I never thought sending via Xend would be this convenient and this cheap.  It has totally changed my view on shipping items bought or sold online which further bolstered my dream of really going full blast with my online selling.  I was told that the items would arrive in 1 to 2 days from today.  

Now that's what I call a hassle-free transaction.   Now I know I have a partner in my business. 

You may check out Xend's website here   or its Facebook account here.


Ge said...

Wow, you're shipping na! Congrats! Btw, I have never tried online shopping in my entire life. Haha! I do not even trust the ATM for my banking transactions, nasa bankbook pa din. Wahaha!

jaja said...

hehehe.thanks!! sossy no! naku, medyo makipahsabayan ka na sa teknolohiya!!!