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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


the food for those on the go

For many years I got by with little or no breakfast at all. It was only when I got married that I learned the habit of having a hearty breakfast to start my day right.  

This year, I started with my new office and I had to leave as early as 5 am most of the time. By the time I got to the office, my stomach is already hurling expletives at me for being terribly hungry.   Sometimes, it's a bit of an effort to search for food in the nearby canteens or carinderias, so sometimes I would bring my own breakfast from home.

Lately, I have been longing to sleep longer than I should that when I wake up, I know that I will be terribly late for the office and I won't have time to prepare for my breakfast "baon" anymore.  Then one day, I decided to just "steal" from our own store, a pack of cereal thing that my neighbors keep on buying but I was so ashamed to ask them if it's any good because it is one of the most easily sold-out products in our store. It's called Energen, a breakfast cereal drink manufactured in Indonesia and distributed here in the Philippines.    Just pour the contents in a mug, add hot water, stir a little and breakfast is ready!!!

at five pesos, it's a steal

It's milky, not too creamy, and the cereals dissolve easily in the hot water. Unlike some other cereal drinks where the cereal are still a little tough and there are still grainy pieces at the bottom of the mug, Energen's cereals have this melt-in-your-mouth thing.  Oh did I mention that it's supposed to be healthy because of the cereals and the milk? 

It has two flavors, chocolate and vanilla.  One time, I was walking along Pasay Taft and there were promo girls who were offering Mongo-flavored Energen at 30 pesos for 12 pcs. I did not buy because I was aware that Energen has only two flavors and they were offering it very so cheap my antenna went haywire after hearing the price.  Who knows where it was made and if it passed quality control by the BFAD.  

I haven't tried the chocolate flavor though.  It's always sold out and I keep on forgetting to steal the chocolate flavor whenever we have stock.  At P5.00, it's a good buy.  I think for additional two hours of energy before the tummy asks for a heavier supply of food. Heehehe.

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