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Monday, March 13, 2017

Lunch Letters Book

I saw this book at Booksale and immediately bought it. It's entitled "Lunch Letters"  by Carol Sperandeo and Bill Zimmerman. I bought this for P70.00.

It's a book encouraging parents to write "lunch" notes to their kids.  Well, any note, actually.  The aim is to get back to writing love letters and reminding your kids who awesome they are and that the parents are 101% behind them no matter what.

It has 75 tear-out notes that you can use. The paper is really nice because it's thick and glossy and even has a riddle at the bottom of the page. The answer is at the back of the paper and is glossy as well. The back even has a design.

There are even writing tips to guide the parents what to write. The tips are so nice that you can even copy some of them.

The pages are so pretty!  The pages have different themes  that maybe you can use to wish your kids luck or just to remind them to have fun in school, etc.

See the riddle at the bottom of the page?

The answer is on the next page :).

I just checked that the book is available in Amazon for CDN$12.82. Not cheap. But maybe you can check out some other Booksale branches to see if they have one of these.

It's a crazy world out there, and as parents, we need to constantly remind our kids that we are there for them and that they are loved. We don't want to be too clingy, but we also want them to be assured that they can always reach out to us. And this might be a tool for us to reach out to them.

My kid looks forward to his lunch notes ever since I started writing one for him.

Hey, you don't even need to buy this. Any note of love and encouragement  can be written on any piece of paper.  What's important is we reach out to our kids and make them feel that they are loved.

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