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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Hongkong Disneyland, the Happiest Place in Hongkong

Our family was so blessed to go to Hongkong for a vacation. Why Hongkong when most of the people there act as if tourists are irritating swarm of mosquitoes? One word: DISNEYLAND!!!!!

The Chipmunks at the Parade
So to Disney, we go!

My top three favorites:

1. The Mystic Manor (Only HK Disney has this)
2. The Jungle River Cruise
3. It's a Small World
4. Mickey's Philharmagic - oh I have four, ugh, can I add two more? hehehehe

The Mystic Manor
I won't be a spoiler and tell you what to expect there, but I have to say, the experience in these attractions are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!

My Son's top three favorites:

1. Ironman Experience (Newly-opened and unique to HK Disney)
2. Training to be  Jedi
3. Astroblaster

And the fireworks, they brought tears to my eyes! Dream come true kasi!!!!

Make sure you are at the front of the castle when you watch the fireworks, to see the images projected on the castle.

It's a Small World
On a wheelchair? No problem. Some attractions allow wheelchairs to be placed in the rides. Take for example It's a Small World. There are special boats that would only seat those in wheelchairs (with their companions) so that they wouldn't miss out on the experience.

Prince Eric's Castle (Little Mermaid)
Food is quite costly though. 98hkd for a meal of chicken, fries and drink. That's roughly 600 pesos. Drinking water (200ml) is 22-28hkd. But you are allowed to bring a bottle of water (just water, not juice). There are water stations inside (but the water tastes weird) where you can refill if you aren't picky.

You know this guy? It's Sven, according to Olaf
We were supposed to spend two days in Disney. But the first day, our tour finished super late because of all the waiting, that we arrived at Disney at 3:30 (it opens at 10:30 am and closes at 8:30 pm, after the fireworks), so we only had a few hours to savor Disney on our first day. Good thing there was less people that time so there weren't really any lines.

The second day, there were more people (perhaps because it wasn't raining and it was less cold?!) that the lines had gotten long. Too bad we weren't able to try the Winnie the Pooh show because the line was a 45-minute wait according to the sign.

Two days would be enough for HK Disneyland. We got to try my favorites twice (except for it's a small world) and we were able to watch the Lion King Show and the Mysterious Book Show (clue:musical). It's not like Enchanted Kingdom where there's a ride at every corner. You walllllkkkkkkk towards different lands. My Pacer recorded 12,000+ steps on the first day (but well, we had a city tour too) and 15,000+ steps on our second day at Disney. You won't get bored though because they have taken care of the minute details that your eyes would have a feast. Even waiting in line isn't so torturous since there's a lot for your eyes to see all around you.

The Lion King Show
Disney offers not just rides but the experience. It is really amazing.  We also weren't able to try Dumbo the Flying Elephant and Hyperspace Mountain (a rollercoaster). But hubby, who was able to sneak a ride, claims that the Hyperspace Mountain was really cool and less scary than the Grizzly Gulch (another roller coaster).

Will I go back, expenses aside? No. Because I felt that the country was not friendly at all. The place is amazing, even the tiniest details have been considered, but it was dampened by the unfriendly attitude of the locals. 

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