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Saturday, February 25, 2017

My Papa, My Idol

My Paps just celebrated his 73rd birthday in heaven recently. I know he had a blast in there. He probably had a golf tournament in his name, a week-long mahjong session where the wager was a sack of no-value chips, plus a non-stop videoke.  I bet he forced his guests to sing his favorite songs, dictating the "number" of the song he likes since he memorized the corresponding numbers of his favorite songs. I would also wager he just had a time of his afterlife. But I would also bet he missed us, because we miss him a lot too.

So to the greatest man I have ever met, the greatest father in the world, my idol, belated happy birthday Pamsie. I love you to heaven and back.

Our hearts may have this tender spot because of your loss, but I know you are watching over us while making a putt.

Candid Photo: Pamsie was happiest when giving toys to his apos.

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