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Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Prof. Benjamin Magubat, Sir Benj as we call him, is one of my favorite professors in college.  He designed a car that floats and called it "Bangkarwayan".

The name is from "bangka" (boat) and car and kawayan (bamboo).

It has solar panels that allows charging under the sun.

Our beloved "Oble"
It floats on water. There's a "trapal" to keep the rain away...

 The Bangkarwayan's hull is made of kawayan.

That's Sir Benj!

That's bestest and Oble
 I wasn't able to take photos of the interior properly. There are pet bottles inside to allow it to float.

The interior
I think the Bangkarwayan moves at a maximum speed of 40 km/hr... The body and the solar panels are a little bit heavy, that's why.  It has floaters, rudder, propeller, and engine for a boat.

I think Sir Benj wants to add more solar panels for longer power and faster run, but his main problem is the weight since it would affect the vehicles ability to float. 

Posing with Bestest (hindi na nakita si Bangkarwayan)
This is a really great invention from someone who has a great mind and a great heart to boot.

Cheers, Sir Benj!!!

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