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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Getting Up and Moving Forward

The last month was hell.  I know you know what I mean.
I'm trying to live my life without my Papa around (physically), though I often see him in my dreams. If you've lost a parent, you know how it feels.
Life must go on. I know Pamsie would want all of us to move on and live our life to the fullest.
So, as part of moving on, I've been thinking about this:

Hongkong Disneyland needs Vocalists!  Auditions will be on the 14th of this month at the Steps Studio in Kalayaan, Makati.  
I've been meaning to audition for the longest time but never had the time nor the guts to really push through with it.
Pamsie would probably shake his head again and say, "Ano  na naman yan, bata!" But he would approve of it anyway.
I'm still thinking ok? I have until the 11th to send an email to pre-enlist. 
Any song suggestions? I don't want the birit songs.  If you know any Broadway or Disney songs which have piano pieces that I can download, please share them with me. I really need them.
Thank you!


Rae O. said...

Go go go! I'm sorry I can't suggest a song though, I'm not musically inclined and I only know the current ones like the theme song in Frozen and the song Lana Del Ray sang for maleficent.

Anonymous said...

Hahhaaa. Thanks!!!!!