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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Yahoo! Philippines Not Proofreading?

Saw this on Yahoo! PH this morning and I was bothered by the glaring typo errors in their news. So I took screenschots of them.

Photo Source: Yahoo! Sports Philippines 

"Filipino watch"  - I don't need to discuss what's wrong with this.
Here's another:
Photo Source: Yahoo! Sports Philippines
Recenty years... Hmm...
I don't know where Yahoo! PH gets its news, if it's copied from a press release or taken from other news reports. I've seen several typo errors already from Yahoo! in the past, and it just worries me.  If they can't even get their sentences/spellings right, which is really eaasy to check, what more about the facts? They've got staff, right?
I have a lot of typo errors too in my blog, but heck, I am not Yahoo! PH, so I have an excuse.  But what about them?

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