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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Manila Children's Playground Revisited after 2 or 3 Decades

The last time I played at the Manila Children's Playground was when I was around 12 years old- literally decades ago.   When I started working in Manila, I noticed that the playground has been rehabilitated, and colorful dinosaurs started inhabiting the area.  It used to be that the most prominent thing there was the giant shoe house, but not anymore.

So one time, I brought my kid there to play. 

Manila Children's Playground is located in Kalaw, Ermita, Manila.  If you ride the LRT-1 line, get off at UN Avenue Station, cross the street to Kalaw. From Kalaw Taft, there's a Wendy's at the corner. Go past the Wendy's, turn right and that's where the entrance is.  You won't get lost! Entrance fee is P10.00 for a whole day of play.

You can bring food too, and have a picnic there since there are tables and chairs with umbrellas.

The Giant Hippo is still standing tall!!!

The slides that don't slide

My kid's behind got stuck in the middle of the slide
 because the slide isn't slippery

Cute doggie

See, that's the LRT


Climbing aka Cerra (Land Before Time)

Colorful, aren't they?

It's nice that this big Shoe House is still there and had a makeover

You can have picnics here. There are tables and chairs.
If you like, you can just bring a mat and slump on the floor
and have your picnic there.

The kid, all sweaty. A sign that he had fun.

The monkey bars (which he found hard to hang on to)

Here are my thoughts on the playground:


1. The slides and other stuff are brightly painted. 
2. The dinosaurs are soooo beautiful.
3. The entrance fee is smack on the budget. Really, really affordable.
4. There are lots of trees. Well, the old trees have grown and provide shade in the playground.
5. The area is maintained; there are lots of maintenance crew sweeping the grounds.
6. There are tables and chairs with umbrellas. And beautiful seats that are sculpted like animals.
7. It's in Luneta. It's easily accessible.

Lonely Faces:
1. We stopped coming here because we were getting bigger and the playground was really stinky - especially the Giant Shoehouse. Sadly, the Giant Shoe and the Hippo are still stinky.  There are some  areas like that Fish Cave or whatever you called it that still had fresh man*re (Ooooh, I'd like to think it came from an animal).
2.Even with the shade of the trees, it still is hot in there during summertime.  My kid asked to leave after less than an hour of playing, and considering that we got there at around 7 am where the sun is not yet in full blast.
3. The slides aren't slippery. A kid has to drag his/her arse, to get down the slide.
4. I didn't see any drinking fountain, though there's a CR inside.  But I think there's a fee if you use it.
5. There's a hanging bridge there; but it's closed. According to the guard, it's not yet finished, that's why. Asked to elaborate, he couldn't give me a definite answer.


1. Bring lots of water when you go there.
2. Bring alcohol and wipes.  Cause, the Shoehouse and the other stuff there are stinky (aka dirty).
3. Bring food for a picnic. Despite my complaints, it's a nice place to spend a lovely morning or afternoon there.
4. Bring a mat, sunblock, extra towels and shirts, and umbrellas.

We adults complain a lot but the children don't notice what's wrong with the place, which is quite nice, right? Their ignorance blocks out all the negativity and what comes out is sheer enjoyment and pleasure in one of the simplest yet happiest activities there ever is in the planet - PLAYING.

Try visiting Manila Children's Playground this Summer!


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