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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Parang May Mali: 10 Hollywood celebs with a Big Heart, but Check #9

I was browsing the latest news on the internet when a link popped showing a list of Hollywood celebrities with a big heart.  So I read the list and was finishing #9 on the list - George Clooney - when something made my eye pop:

This is my screenshot of the page. I just resized on Paint and included the red marks. Hehehee

This is the caption:
"No doubt, George Clooney is (sic) kind-hearted star who was arrested by the Sudanese police for civil disobedience while advocating for human rights in Sudan.  He also donates lots of money to Bono's ONE Campaign.  Besides, he has written a pathetic article for the Washington Post calling for sanctions against Sudan's political regime."
 A PATHETIC ARTICLE? Wait, is this supposed to bring these people up or bring them down?

I would like to think that they actually meant "sympathetic" article. They probably just forgot to include the first three letters of the word.

I really really hope, it's just a typo error.

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