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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Review: Human Nature's Natural Bug Shield Mosquito Repellent

Sold at supermarkets. Bought mine at
Robinson's Ermita Supermarket at P99.50.

I am constantly in search of effective mosquito repellents. With the dengue strains all going berserk, I need to make sure that my kid is somehow protected against mosquitoes.  One time, I saw Human Nature's Bug Shield Mosquito Repellents displayed in one of the racks at Robinson's Supermarket, and immediately grabbed one.

At P99.50 for 50 ml, I thought that this one's a good deal.  It's DEET-Free and it's made of natural ingredients (all Human Nature products are).

This one's a spray. But I was disappointed when it didn't really spray like atomizer nozzles do - you know, one spray, with a diameter of a few centimeters? This one is more of a squirt - one push and oil is quirted.  So what you do is you have to spread it on your hand first before you apply on the body. Well, you can directly apply on the body, but since it's a squirt, it's a little bit hard to fully apply.

So here's what I think...

Smiley notes:

1. It's affordable.
2. It's got this nice citronella smell. it's not overpowering, unlike the Tiger Balm mosquito repellent patch that I reviewed here
3. It's got natural ingredients. It's infused with soybean oil, sunflower oil, citronella, and eucalyptus oil.
4. It's DEET-free.
5. It doesn't stain the clothes.
6. It wards off mosquitoes for about three (3) hours, tops.

Sad faces:

1. It's not a spray.  It's a squirter.  So it's a bit hard to spread.
2. It's too oily.
3. While it effectively wards off mosquitoes, you have to re-apply every 2-4 hours. Not good during sleeping time, cause then, you'd have to wake up to re-apply to make sure that your little one is protected.

Caveat, use a patch test first to see if your kid is allergic, before applying on the whole body.  Allergic reactions may be highly unlikely since it's made of natural ingredients, but I know you'd want to be on the safe side. Oh, it's safe even on the face.

Human Nature has a Farmer's Fund Drive. According to its website, 100% of the profits from every Bug Shield Oil and Bug Shield Lotion sold will fund the development of sustainable livelihood for its partner farming communities in Malaybalay, Bukidnon.
Their goal is to sell 50,000 bottles which will fund the citronella oil processing facilities in Brgy. Imbayao and Brgy. San Jose in Bukidnon. 

I would have given this four smileys. But because of Human Nature's Farmer's Fund Drive, I'd give this five out of five smileys. Yey!!! ☺☺☺☺☺


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