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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Hobby/Interest- Polymer Clay

I already blogged about a new hobby.  I said "hobby" in my post here, but what I actually meant was "interest or soon-to-be-new-hobby". Sorry, my fingers usually get ahead of my mind at times.

Anyway, I told my good CPA-Lawyer friend Yheng (my friend since Grade 1, err, mor elike Grade 2 since when we were in Grade 1, she called me "may toyo sa ulo" which didn't sit well with me, but you know how kids are, they don't really mean what they say, or maybe she meant it because of I'm kinda weird anyways)  about this new interest.  She's my partner in crime when it comes to arts and crafts - beading, balloon arrangement and baking, you name it.

When she learned about this, before she went home this year, she bought me lots of stuff for polymer clay, and bought me some polymer clay too, at my request. I never imagined there were even things like those she bought for me! 

So I'm sharing with you what she gave me for pasalubong:

Gold and Silver Clay since I told her I don't have these colors yet

Clay Extruder - to make uniform sized strips (for hair, etc),
like an icing syringe for cakes and Clay glue to bind parts

Two silicone alphabet molders - I mentioned to her this
is so expensive here in the Philippines. 
I bought one like this and after three uses (3 times I used the mold),
the mold was already broken

Mold to make people - this a Family set

She bought this first. She told me that she saw
the blue mold from Marthe Stweart after,
and found it cute, so she bought it too!

For texture on bare clay creations

Texture wheel, also to put on bare clay works

Mold to make a sleeping baby!!!!

Putty to make my own molds,
so I won't buy next time!

This is not really for "yabang purposes".  I posted this, because you might be into the same stuff, and have family members/ friends in the US and you can ask them to by these for you since these items are a lot cheaper in the US as compared to here in the Philippines.  Wala kasi akong kamag-anak na mahihingan nito sa US so I'm lucky that Yheng is there.  She mentioned that some were on sale already (like the mold for the family, kasi nakaopen na yung pack), plus she got coupons in the internet and was able to use them, ON TOP of the SALE PRICE! Sulit diba? Unlike here in the Philippines, sale promos cannot be used in conjunction with discounted items.  Yun lang.

Thank you Yheng!!!

Now, if I can only find a way not to burn the clay products I made... grrr...


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