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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Busy Weekend

It was Midterm Exams last week in school so I had two full weekends in my hands.  Hubby and I declared that Saturday was Market Day and it follows that the kitchen will be busy with lots of cooking from us.
I started by "juicing" carrots, cucumber, apples and pineapples. I extracted the juice and separated the pulp. I made a separate extraction for the carrots and pineapples. The pulp from the carrots, I made into carrot cake, while I made pineapple jam from the pulp from pineapples. Yum Yum! The house was oozing with various fruity aroma the whole day!
Then I cooked Ginataang Tahong - steamed them first as I was going to bake the other half. Then I started baking my carrot cake.   As soon as it was done, I put the some Tahong in the oven to bake. Wow, parang may party at parang may bisita!!!

Ginataang Tahong
Baked Tahong
Waiting for the pineapple jam to cool
Carrot Cake

 And we ate them all!!!!


blahblahblogchef said...

i like tahong kasi masarap at mura...pero natatakot ako kumain kasi feeling ko may red tide. :(

jakieandthebeadstalk said...

hehehee. dito kasi sa amin maraming tahong, usually 30 pesos lang ang kilo. mahal na yung 50... tsaka di pa naman ako nadadala sa ER dahil sa red tide. hahaha. feel ko na namang kumain ng tahong bukas