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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Man Plans, God laughs

Yesterday, I was so broke that I decided to go to my bank to withdraw over the counter during lunch break.  When I handed my withdrawal form and ID to the teller, the teller told me, we don't allow withdrawals without the passbook (it was a passbook account and I couldn't find my passbook).   I said, but it's the same bank, though in a different branch and you're computerized right now and I have more than two valid IDs and I still can't withdraw? He said, "sorry ma'am, you can't talaga."

So I thanked him and left.

I told myself I'd eat at Rob instead of going to the canteen because Rob was nearer. Then I panicked because when I opened my purse, I couldn't find my coin purse inside but there was a 100-peso bill tucked in one of my ATM cards! Wooooohoooooo!!!!! (Now looking back, I'm pulling my hair for panicking because I forgot my purse when there's only 70 pesos in my purse! What was I beating myself for???)

So I had my meal, (Chef de Angelo has meals as low as 69 pesos hheeeeheeee) and went back to the office, again feeling so depressed that I have work, I am now in my dream office, and yet I only have 31 pesos in my pocket and 75 pesos in my purse. And students nowadays are probably a lot richer than I was! (To think I have an a-t-t-y in my name) And I couldn't withdraw from my bank!

But life has to go on, one must still work and enjoy life's surprise. A surprise I really got at 1:30 because a co-worker said that my initial salary was already available for pick-up at the Checks Releasing Section! Weeeeeeeeee!!!! (Ok, it's not so much, but it's enough to last me a week, without begging alms on the streets.)

God really knows how to perk me up. Sometimes, I think he teases by not giving me all I want/need reight away. 

One of my favorite authors, Harlan Coben, wrote: "Man plans, God laughs." I think it's a Yiddish proverb.   But I really believe this one's true.

We plan our lives the way we want it to be.  Oftentimes, if we don't get what we want and we feel that life has become unfair and we blame almost everybody for our sufferings.  We even blame God  because we feel that he does not listen to our prayers, or if he does, he denies us our hearts' desires.

But you see, I believe that  God works in His own time.  We may do all the planning, and the works in-between, but He may just laugh at us because He will surely give what's best for us when he finally decides to give it... in His perfect time... just like my initial salary yesterday.



blahblahblogchef said...

gusto ko ng pizza from chef d angelo. tapos pasta paella!!! ay, im on diet pala. hayz!

jaja said...

ay gusto ko dun yung seafood medley atsaka four cheese pizza. haaay, diet, pati wallet... hmm... rhymes!