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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Back to School!!!!

Getting ready to cover my son's books and notebooks

When I was still a student, one of the things I look forward to was going shopping with my family for school necessities. We'd shop around the second week of May each year to avoid the long lines in cashiers and our favorite venue was National Bookstore in Harrison Plaza.
Of course, one's school needs aren't complete without the requisite notebooks. I have always loved covering notebooks and books and when I graduated from college, I usually offered my friend/relative/kumare-in-the-future (Mukmik) to cover her notebooks.
Now that I am a mother, I relish covering my little one's books and notebooks and I am quite happy with the available materials these days that weren't available in my time: (Hindi na ganun kahirap magcover ng libro at kwaderno!)

1. Color-coded notebooks.

Hindi na kailangan ng art paper para gawing red ang cover!
A lot of schools require that notebooks are color-coordinated by subject. These notebooks are extremely handy for parents who have grade-schoolers since they no longer have to first cover the notebooks in specific colored art papers before covering them in plastic. (Diba, hindi na doble-doble ang pagbabalot)

2. Notebooks with handy information.

Handy info at the back of each notebook

I remember I chose notebooks with the multiplication and division guide, or those with the table of periodic elements, etc. My little one's school gave him notebooks with the lyrics of the "Lupang Hinirang" written at the back. Now, ain't that nice. At least the little kids will have a guide when singing of the national anthem during flag ceremony. (Hindi na sila mang-iimbento ng lyrics)

For kids and parents - para wala nang mag-iimbento ng lyrics

3. Plastic Covers that are pre-cut in various sizes and could just be slipped in notebooks or books.
Hmm... I haven't bought these yet, because I think they are too expensive. But for parents who have very little spare time, this one is really very convenient, but more expensive than the regular plastic wrappers that are bought per meter.

Sakto Diba?
I also appreciate that there are plastic covers that would fit in normal sized-testbooks (Hindi na sila super haba na para kang may hawak na curtain rod sa malayo kapag bumili ka sa bookstore). I find that this cut saves on plastic covers (hindi na masyadong maaksaya) and, it's not too hard to cut anymore. Imagine cutting a plastic cover that is the length of one meter or so (minsan tabingi na ang gupit diba, tapos pagsukat natin, bitin na pala sa isang libro; sayang!)
Oh the fun of going back to school after months of vacation (with the help of newly-developed prodcuts) ... I hope my little one enjoys this school year while learning... a lot.

By the way, I saw this logo in this notebook -

--- Tama, let's buy Pinoy products so that our children will become aware that some Filipino-made products are at par or even much better than imported products.

Happy school year everyone!!!


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