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Thursday, January 10, 2013

“Good taste, great pairings with San Miguel Lifestyle Brews”

Christmas: A time to spend with Loved Ones
 (sorry hubby, you're not in the pic)
First question:

What's my favorite dish? 

Chicharon.  I think I detailed it my favorite chicharon brands  here.  
from my other blog,

My second most favorite dish is Pork Barbecue.  I know, I know, pork again.  But what can I do, that's what my taste buds love!

Second question:

What's the perfect drink to go with my Chicharon and Pork Barbecue? San Miguel's Cerveza Negra.

Third question:

How does the Cerveza Negra amplify my favorite "pulutan(s)"?


Here's a little history. 

I am a late bloomer.  In my teen years, when that stage should have been the opportune to drink and be merry, I shied away from it.  My best friend even tried to buy a bottle of vodka, but we only consumed about half a glass of it, and half of the half of that glass was barfed up. It tasted nasty.

When I reached 30, that was the time I tried to really drink alcohol. Not just literally a sip, but one I tried to taste and enjoy.  My hubby and I occasionally drink at home, we're drink buddies but we rarely consume a bottle of hard drink because neither of us is a heavy drinker.   I never liked alcohol, but when my brother introduced Cerveza Negra by San Miguel, I began to appreciate alcohol/beer.   That was the birthday of our cousin last year and it was paired with yummy pork barbecue! Aaaahhhhh! Unforgettable!

Last Christmas, my brother bought a case/box of Cerveza Negra.  He had just started an alcohol collection at home and the Cervezas have a special place in the middle of his cabinet display.  So I took, err, stole three (3) bottles home. (he-he-he)

My brother's collection.  There's the Cervezas
Imagine, it was the first time in my 34 years of experience that my parents saw me drink beer. Yup, definitely surprising eh!?

San Miguel's Lifestyle Br
Now, going back to the last question, how does it amplify the taste of my favorite dish?

I think I have three major major answers:

1.  Since it's less foamy, I don't easily feel bloated and full so I can eat more Chicharon and BBQ!!!
2. I like it's smell. It has a fruity taste but the bitter taste of beer is not overpowered by it, hence a great mixture of two tastes.
3.  There's also a hint of roasted something that I can't place that, when paired with my favorite "pulutan" gives the pulutan a more defined taste and a more pleasurable drinking experience.
4.  (I'm bad at math) I don't get drunk easily with this.

Well, I am no alcohol expert.  But this one, San Miguel's Cerveza Negra, I like so much!

That's me in my brother's kitchen last Christmas!
Additional photos:

Christmas Eve with my Favorite Sister at my Brother's Home
That's my Favorite Brother and Favorite Mom on Christmas Day

“Drinking experience that’s above the ordinary”


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