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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Chivalry is in the ICU

I remember a post I made in my other blog many years ago about a very unfortunate evening.  It also opened my eyes to the death of chivalry in the Philippines.  In that post, endangered pa lang ang chivalry in my eyes. Ngayon, parang nasa ICU na.

Since I'm a regular commuter, and a frequent rider of LRT and MRT (all the lines, take note), I have seen several men who gave up their seats for ladies and senior citizens.  Even some ladies give up their seats for pregnant women, women with a child/children and senior citizens.

Pero mas marami ang hindi na nagpapaupo ngayon.

Take this one instance.  I was given a seat by another girl because I think at that time, I looked pale and was nauseous. She probably saw me and offered her seat. When she stood up, another girl from who-knows-where appeared and took the seat.  Ang nakakainis, she was younger and much slimmer than me.  (Neng, pagod ka din ba?)  We all stared at her. She was "deadma" until one lady said, "Ms. binigay sa kanya yang upuan na yan " (pointing to me). Since I didn't want her to be humiliated so much, I just told her to go on and remain seated. She didn't budge and so remain seated on my "pwesto".

Then last Friday, I took the train to Recto.  And look what I saw:

Nakakacross legs pa ang kuya sa dulo.

At ang isa ay tulug-tulugan.

Samantalang three women kaming nasa harap nila, and the two were almost senior citizens.


Oh well, times are a-changing. Sabi nga nila, we women ask for equality. That includes seats on commuter vehicles.

Pero sana, wag naman itong i-apply sa senior citizens, pregnant women and those with children.

I told a friend nga, who also experienced the same dead chivalry that we have right now that I'll make sure  that I try my best to teach my son about chivalry.  So that he grows up not really a perfect gentleman, but someone who will always have genuine care and concern not just to women and old people, but to everyone in need.


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