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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Party (Photo Story)

(Photos courtesy of Bless C. and Thesa I.)
I've shared with you before that I have cool bosses and cool workmates who love dressing up during our costume parties.

Our theme for this year's Christmas celebration is Safari.  Each wing competed against each other for the best in decoration award.

Though we placed only second, I can say with confidence that our wing was the most sophisticated, classy and most creative. (Love your own diba? Tsaka blog ko ito, kaya walang kokontra!)

Here's a picture of  our CEO in our wing, with my boss and our and ex-housemate (peace James!)
That's a giraffe and an elephant on the background
One had to admire the effort and character
he places on his costumes 

Again, our CEO, the day before, dressed as an explorer
complete with a "latigo" (whip) where he won
Best in Costume during the KSA Party
The pussycat dolls
Amazing faces painted safari-style
Tribesmen, An Ma Be's Sister and Explorer
That's our Bonggang Lady Guard
who gave a special dance number. 
The hosts, with the Top 5 Best in Costume for Females
The hosts, with the Top 5 Best in Costume for Males
(may Red Horse pa si kuya Jeff)

The AN-MA-BE Tribe

The Group Presentation. Take note of the "kawa"/pot.
That's where the missionaries were placed, ready to be eaten
The party was fun alright, but it was more fun because everybody was in high spirits then.

I am just reminded that no matter how wild we may become, Christmas will always soften our "wild" hearts if only we would keep the Spirit of Love and Giving alive.


chazenliberty said...

correction...3rd lang kayo! hahahaha. wala na naman ako sa pics. :(

jakie and the beadstalk said...

as in? 3rd lang? sa sobrang sophisticated namin, 3rd lang? I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!