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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Sunflowers are Taller than Me!

In my previous post, I mentioned my sunflowers in the garden. This morning when I woke up, I went outside, said hello to the sun and the clouds and my sunflowers.  I went near one to smell it, and alas, the sunflower is taller than me.

I grabbed my phone ( hence the not-so-sharp pictures) as evidence to share with you all.

Am I bothered? Well, not really.  It just made me thought about how short I am (but compensate in weight).

For someone who is a little on the short-side (I'm not being politically correct here since anyway, I'm talking about myself here), being short has its ups and downs.

Let me go to a few of the "downs" first:

a. It's hard to reach objects that are really high or a bit far (from my view);
b. One step of a tall person equals three steps for me; for someone on the average height (Filipino height, I mean) it's two steps for me;
c. I am easily outrun/outwalked by anybody who is taller than me;
d. If someone taller shares on my umbrella, my armpit easily gets tired because it's oh-so-stretched-out; and
e.  I love to play volleyball. In my dreams, I want to (and know that I can) block the spiker's ball, but my arms can't even reach the top of the net.

And now, the "ups" of being short:

a.  It's so easy to spot me in group pictures because I'm usually in the front or o the second row;
b. I can always ask other people to reach things for me (utos to the max!!!);
c. In volleyball, if I get to save a ball, people are amazed because even if my arms and legs are short, I can easily dive for the ball;
d. If I wear heels, I don't look awkwardly tall, just right, if I may say so; and
e. For a commuter, it's very easy to fit into those colorum vans: my legs fit just fine especially in the middle row.

So going back to those sunflowers, they may be taller than me, just like most of the people around, I may sometime have regrets because the of the limitations that my height (or lack thereof) may pose, but it doesn't mean that life is beautiful.  Life is what we make it, whether we are short or not.


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