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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Electrolux Click for a Tree

I know... it's not a tree. But I planted this sunflower!

Mother Earth is probably fuming now for bearing the noxious fumes and pollution that we humans have caused.  It is no wonder that several diseases have sprouted, with its origins coming from who-knows-where and may just probably be caused by dirt/garbage/bad smell.

So in our own little way, let's do our part in making our home, our planet, Mother Earth a really nice place to live in.  This includes recycling and reusing and one of the most simplest acts --- planting.

Before my husband and I bought a home, we made sure that no matter how small our house will be, there will be a space for gardening. After several years, we now have an orange tree (though my family says it's a dayap tree, but the man who sold it to me said it's a tiny orange tree),  we have papayas, malunggay, palm, alocaria (is that how it is spelled?) and even bamboo! It's really a great thing to wake up with the sunrise on your doorstep and trees and plants all around you. 

Now, I encourage you to do your part to make this planet a better world or help the Earth transform it back to its old unadulterated beauty. You may do so by participating in Electrolux' The Little White Book Promo - Electrolux Click for a Tree - by clicking here

Together, let's lessen our carbon footprint and protect our environment, our planet.

Check out  The Little White Book on Facebook.


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