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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

FDA Advisory on Bottled Guyabano Juice

I love guyabano shake. If I see fresh guyabano in shake stands, that is what I prefer to have. I  learned from a former boss, Boss Cam, that guyabano wouldn't even cause any tummy ache when eaten first thing in the morning. It has a lot of medicinal properties so one can never go wrong when getting a dose of guyabano. But it's different if it  has already been processed, extracted, powdered, or bottled.

Just recently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released Advisory No. 2016-055, warning the public against the consumption of a bottled guyabano juice, because of unapproved health claims.   The product claims to be better than chemotherapy when treating cancer cells. It also boasts of other health benefits, which, according to the FDA, have not undergone evaluation and testing.

I snipped a photo of the product, which is the subject of the FDA advisory, from the FDA's website.


According to the FDA, the product is not registered with the Office, including all its health claims.
Meaning, if not registered, it wasn't tested, so its claims are unverified or untested. An untested product may cause more harm than do good for you. Also, food products and supplements should not bear any misleading, false or deceptive claims in their labels or promotional materials.


The FDA requests all local government units and law enforcement agencies to ensure that this product is not sold or offered for sale in their localities or area of jurisdiction. To report continuous sale of this product, please call 857-1991 to 91 or email the FDA at

But teka lang, wait! May tinda sa canteen namin nito!!

So for moms out there, please don't give this to your kids. Don't give this  to your husbands too even if you've just recently had a fight. Hahahah! And, don't drink this, until we get an okay sign from the FDA that the health benefit claims of this product have been properly evaluated and tested.

Good thing this is expensive so I never bought this at our canteen. I had been planning to buy for months, pero ang mahal! The 500 ml bottle  costs about P170, eh kuripot ako, kaya hindi ako bumibili.  I'd buy the unhealthy Starbucks Frap instead. Hahahah!

Remind me, I have to tell that canteen staff to stop selling it, pronto.


blahblahblogchef said...

Ang mahal mahal na ng guyabano! Dati hinihingi lang sa kapitbahay. hehe

jaja said...

Buti kayo noon may nahihingan lang sa kapitbahay. Kami walang kapitbahay na may tanim na guyabano. Makapagtanim nga sa hacienda ko!!!

jaja said...

Waaa may typo errors pala 'tong post ko. Nakakahiya!