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Tuesday, May 3, 2016


The Supreme Court Library during Trick or Treat last year
I love libraries! I like the silence that's innate in libraries and the fact that people go there to read, or sometimes sleep, or think. I like the smell of books in the library but I don't like the usual stern faces of librarians. Our librarian in high school was a cool guy - I just forgot his name (memory gap) but he's one of the nicest librarians I have ever met. He formed the SLAG in our school - Student Library Assistants Group (or something like that, again, memory gap- that was about 23 years ago so cut me some slack! Hahahh!)

Growing up, going to the mall means visiting National Bookstore and checking out the books for sale there. It's not really browsing the shops for dresses and shoes, but checking out the items in the bookstore. In college, one of my favorite hang-outs was Book Sale.

Whenever I would work in a new place, I always check out the library and make sure that I have a library card.  I may not have a lot of time reading, but it sure is a good feeling to bring home a book or two and browse its contents and learn something new.

The Supreme Court Library during Trick or Treat last year
The Supreme Court Library during Trick or Treat last year
I was trying to finish Chapter 1 of a book I am writing, so I went to our school library. It was heaven!I brought my kid with me, and he enjoyed reading there.  This made me realize that going to the library is a good bonding activity with kids.  The parents can read to the kids, or allow them to choose the books they want from the library selection, and spend time with them reading. It's not only educational, but it is time well-spent with children so they would realize the value of reading and learning. It is cheap too. And with the summer heat, one can spend some time in the library since it's air-conditioned.
The Supreme Court Library during Trick or Treat last year
Still at the Supreme Court library
Our school library
Our school library
Our school library - the couches are for the students
who want to relax while studying. Comfy diba?

Now when going inside a mall, my kid makes sure that he gets to check out the books at Book Sale or National Bookstore before we go home. He thinks these are some kind of libraries. Hehehehe.

Tambay at Book Sale

So for moms and dads out there, check out the local library in your place, or at your offices and make sure to let your kids tag along with you one time. Who knows, they might get hooked into reading (if they aren't already hooked).  

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