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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sad Experience at Jollibee - Dahil Lang sa Gravy

My kid's no.1  favorite when it comes to food is Gravy with Chickenjoy. Yep, gravy comes first before the Chickenjoy.  He can eat rice with only Jollibee's gravy as his ulam, but he can't eat chicken and rice without the gravy.  Sabaw-soup, ika nga.

My take out.
On my way home yesterday, the little boy called me up to ask if I could bring him his favorite, so I said yes. I dropped by Jollibee Salawag in Cavite. Paid for a 1-pc Chicken with rice (no drink) and extra gravy for ten pesos.  I was the only customer in the counter.

After paying, I told the cashier, "Ms., pakipuno ng gravy." She didn't reply. I then said, "Ms., pwede papili ng medyo malaking part." She didn't reply and took the first chicken on the line. She didn't even check if there was any other part bigger than what she gave me. Deadma.  I let it be. Then I repeated, "Ms., pakipuno ng gravy." Again, deadma.

This is how "konti" the gravy is - to think that
I paid for it for P10.00. I took a picture as soon as I got home.
When she took the extra gravy,  and put it in the paper bag, I said, "Ms., pakipuno ng gravy." That's when she looked at me and said, hindi pwede. Then she looked at another girl in the counter. The other girl said, "Ma'am, di kasi pwede dahil pang dine-in lang yun." I said, "may bayad ba yung gravy ko?"  The cashier checked the receipt and said yes. Then I reasoned, that it is just proper to fill it since, I paid for it anyway. 
I said, you're the only store I've been to that doen't fill the gravy even if I paid for it.
The other girl reasoned that they used a different container before for extra gravy, and if I would transfer the contents from the new container into the old container, it would be filled.  I was already so pissed I could have hurled the gravy into their faces so I stopped myself before I do something drastic.
I don't get it. I paid for it, then they wouldn't fill it up. But it's ok to serve free gravy to those who didn't pay extra for it.
What really irritated me more is the cashier acted as if I wasn't saying something. I would understand it if there were lots of people behind me waiting in line. But I was the only one in the counter at that time.  It was really irritating.  Basic courtesy dictates that one should reply when talked to.

Another point of contention - why use a container that is too big for the contents? Halatang konti ang laman. That isn't a good marketing strategy, right? So the only rationale for the container is that, it is supposed to be filled, or at the least, filled halfway.

Here's another thing I noticed, I said twice, that it is for take out. Look at the receipt-it's for dine-in.  Eh di sana entitled ako sa one-to-sawang gravy?

They'll throw away the gravy anyway if it's not used up at the end of the day! (Or will they reheat it the next day, kaya nila tinitipid?)


Sana mag-trending ito, baka padalhan ako ng Jollibee ng isang drum na gravy.



Rae O. said...

Waaah, you have a point. I return my gravy most of the time coz I like eating chicken joy on its own. I can't help but imagine na sana sa mga taong mahilig sa gravy napupunta yung gravy ko :P

jaja said...

Thanks ha!!!

Talaga? I'm a gravy girl through and through kaya malamang nagmana sa akin ang chikiting ko. I can't eat any chicken from fast food chains without gravy. Parang nababara sa lalamunan ko. Hahah! Nakakainis lang talaga. Sabi ng iba, bakit daw di ako nagwala at naghanap ng manager. Sabi ko na lang, baka sumakit ang tyan ng anak ko kung ipagpilitan ko pa ang napakababaw na gravy. Heheh.