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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Deteriorating Hall of Justice

I attended a hearing in this town. After coming from a far away region, I arrived super early for the hearing, with my bladder ready to burst.  So I immediately went inside the building and looked for the CR.

What greeted me really made my blood pressure rise!

How can they do this to a Hall of Justice????

Unused toilet bowls on the corridor
Straight ahead to the left of that corridor is the comfort room. I felt so sorry for all the employees working there because everyday this is where they try to find comfort. The place was literally "trash"!  One cannot possibly find rest or comfort in the CR. Oh, and mind you, there were only two filthy toilets that may be used.  They also have dripping flush; meaning, you can't use the flush.  You have to fetch water from another cubicle, use a filthy gallon as a dipper and open the filthy tap. It is thhaaaaattt filthy!

Maybe the utility worker was on leave

Look at the walls and lavatory. It looks just like a perfect place for a ghost to appear.

Same corridor, upon leaving the CR.  The toilet bowl and other trash are there.
No wonder some people find it very  discomforting to enter Halls of Justice in the Philippines. Not only because they are anxious that justice would not properly be served there, but also because of the thought that when they get nervous and nauseous, they'd probably rather die than enter the CRs of some of these buildings.

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