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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Learn Stuff about Ancient Egypt for Kids

Hubby asked me about sarcophagus (plural, sarcophagi)  this morning. Since it had been a long time since I took World History, I tried to google stuff about it and mummies.

Then I chanced upon this online article that I thought would be great for kids. Illustrations were made by Isabel and Imogen Greenberg. Further googling revealed that they are sisters who are illustrators. They've written and illustrated several books on ancient Egypt and ancient Greece and other ancient civilizations. Talk about real talent!

The article talks about what can be found in a pharoah's tomb.


Kids nowadays are more into gadgets, videos, and less reading. Making them read this may awaken their interest for reading.

Wouldn't your kid's interest be piqued by this?

Amazon has the books of the Greenberg ladies but if you can't buy yet, better check out The Guardian's post. 

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